Learn about automatic pipe welding machine


First of all, let’s first understand the types of pipeline automatic welding machines. The market can roughly be divided into all-position pipeline automatic welding machines and fixed-position pipeline automatic welding machines. The all-position automatic welding machine means that the pipeline does not move, and the welding position of the welding gun rotates from zero to 360 degrees (or 180 degrees). It is mainly used for pipeline installation sites (such as field long-distance pipeline installation, industrial pipeline installation, etc.). The fixed position pipeline automatic welding machine means that the welding position does not move, that is, the position of the welding torch does not move, and the pipeline rotates 360 degrees in the circumferential direction. This kind of welding machine is mainly used in factory processing and prefabrication. Its welding process includes argon arc Welding, MIG welding and submerged arc welding, etc.

Therefore, when we figure out the classification, the general direction will be clear. If it is used for welding of long-distance pipeline installation in the field, industrial pipeline installation, etc., we can choose an all-position automatic welding machine. All-position automatic welding machines are further divided into internal welding machines and external welding machines. According to the number of welding guns in the machine head, external welding machines can be divided into single welding gun external welding machines and multi welding gun external welding machines. According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into methods such as arc tracking or laser tracking and external pipeline welders without tracking. According to the walking mode, it can be divided into a pipe external welding machine with track and a simple magnetic crawling pipe external welding machine without track.

From the classification, we can see that the pipeline automatic welding machine is very different, with different adaptability, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of welding conditions. The focus of quality, efficiency and cost in the pipeline welding construction that it can solve is also different. We must select the welding machine based on the key problems in the pipeline welding that need to be solved at the work site, and the welding process, welding quality, welding efficiency, etc. of the on-site construction welding, so don’t just look at the price to decide whether Purchase.



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