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High welding speed LPG gas cylinder / gas bottle longitudinal seam welding machine / seam welder

Full autoamtic welding line feature Full-auto welding machine includes socket welding, handle/collar welding, base ring welding, circumference welding, and all machines work automatically, the cylinder halves are conveyed by
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New Generation LNG Cylinders Welding Equipment/Welding Equipment

The differences between compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) are the methods of production and storage. Both fuels are primarily methane (CH4). LNG is natural gas
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We never flinch in the face of an epidemic

At the moment of the Virus, we will fight against the epidemic, and see the truth in our tribulation! We provide our customers with masks and other protective measures,
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Wuxi Longterm Machinery focuses on the development of welding technology

Environmental Benefits of LNG. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and the increased use of natural gas can significantly improve local air quality and public heath as well as reduce
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Nigeria LPG Summit 2019

We will attend the Nigeria LPG Summit 2019 which will be held on the 27th~28th November 2019 in Lagos Nigeria. If there is a chance, we warmly welcome you and your
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LPG cylinder TK group

We earned great reputation from our old friends!

Our old customer from Bangladesh TK Group came to visit us for new business. Actually we have set up three autoomatic production lines for them, two lines in Mongla(12kg, 2000pcs per 10
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Longterm Machinery will attend 18th Exhibition “Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases” MOSCOW

Over time, energy issues will become to a difficult problem in the future. Energy storage and energy transportation will become more important. In this exhibition in Moscow, Wuxi Longterm
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The Nigerian customer Martin comes to our factory to check the LPG cylinders welding lines

Martin ordered 2 fully automatic LPG cylinders production lines from us, and this time come t our side to check the machine quality and see the welding quality. He
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Machines all arrived in TK Co. in Bangladesh

All machines after 1 month shipping all arrived in TK’s workshop safely, they are waiting for the installation and commissioning.
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Bangladesh Unitex Cylinders LTD installation site

We have provided 3 Automatic LPG cylinders production line to Unitex in Bangladesh, they produce 12kg, 35kg&45kg LPG cylinders.
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