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Professional welding expert

Wuxi Longterm machinery has been focus on the LPG/LNG cylinders and water heater tanks and medium size fire extinguisher cylinder welding since 1978. We are renowned in China and even the world for our leading teacnology. Wuxi Longterm weld has domestic operations located in Jiangsu Province, Sichuang Province and international engineering and manufacturing in China.

Automatic welding machines with Laser Tracing Device

The guide to perfect welding seams ...

The in-process optical seam tracking with UPS paves the way towards a perfect welding seam: Components and joints are recorded using a combination of laser lines and camera, allowing the course of the welding seam to be corrected in real time. Contact free and independent of both system and process, the method is suitable for all standard seam shapes and types of material.

Wuxi Longterm Machinery

Advantages that speak for themselves:


  • Suitable for all standard seam shapes
  • Suitable for all standard surfaces, particularly reflective and high-gloss ones such as aluminium or stainless steel
  • Interfaces to well-known robot controls available


  • Exact identification of the seam and determination of the alignment of the sensor head to the seam thanks to the use of the three-line laser
  • Above-average process reliability even with demanding seam tracking
  • High measuring data recording stability
  • Corrections in real time