How to realize welding automation for large water pipelines?


How to realize welding automation for large-scale water pipelines has always been a topic that Xionggu has been striving to break through. However, in view of practical problems such as water pipe material and nozzle shaping, automatic welding of water pipes has not been able to replace manual welding machines with automatic welding equipment as widely used in long-distance oil and natural gas pipelines.

Through the continuous efforts of our R&D team, A-230, an all-position automatic welding machine for water pipes, came into being. Its features are as follows:
1. It is suitable for all-position inner and outer wall welding of water pipes with a diameter of more than 168mm and large cylindrical components;
2. It can solve various application requirements such as horizontal welding, flat welding, vertical welding and overhead welding;
3. Suitable for long-term, long-distance continuous welding, the equipment is stable, reliable and safe;
4. The welding qualification rate is high and the molding is beautiful;
5. High system integration, compact size, convenient equipment handling;
6. Built-in Arc sense arc sensor tracking function, self-adaptive adjustment of the dry elongation and the center of the weld, reducing the skill requirements for welders;
The all-position automatic welding machine A-230 has served the Pearl River Delta water resources allocation project, the water diversion project in central Yunnan, the water diversion from Han to Wei, the connection project of one river and five reservoirs, the Batang Hydropower Station in Indonesia, the Zhen’an Pumped Storage Power Station, and the No. 2 Mianyang Science and Technology City. The water source of Kaimao Reservoir, the water plant and the configuration of the pipe network, Binzhou Municipal and other large-scale water conservancy projects have a good application in the actual large-scale water pipe installation site.
The more stable welding quality is achieved, the operation difficulty of the welder is reduced, and a beneficial attempt is made for the realization of all-position automatic welding in the field of water pipe construction.



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