Do You Really Know The Seam Circumferential Welding Machine


Many people don’t really understand the automatic girth welding machine, so here is a detailed introduction to the automatic girth welding machine
Automatic circular seam welding machine is a general automatic welding equipment that can complete various circular and circular seam welding. It can be used for high-quality welding of materials such as carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys, and a set of welding power sources such as argon arc welding (with or without wire filling), gas metal shielded welding, and plasma welding can be selected. Circular seam automatic welding system.
It can be widely used in the welding of hydraulic cylinders, automobile steering frames, transmission shafts, air storage tanks, chemical and medical containers, liquefied gas tanks, fire fighting equipment, mines and production line rollers and liquid storage cylinders.
Performance characteristics of automatic girth welding machine:
The bed adopts a horizontal structure, which is made of welded structural parts after annealing, so as to ensure that the guide rails of the bed are not deformed;
The rotary machine head is driven by a DC motor or an AC variable frequency motor, and the speed is stable and reliable;
A welding fixture or a three-jaw chuck is installed at the end of the spindle for clamping and positioning the workpiece;
The tailstock can be tightened pneumatically or manually, and the end can choose different welding fixtures or movable tops according to the different workpiece forms;
The tailstock can slide on the guide rail of the bed, and the distance between the headstock and the tailstock can be adjusted to suit workpieces of different lengths;
The welding gun mechanism can move to the corresponding position along the direction of the guide rail according to the different welding positions of the workpiece.
Main features of automatic girth welding machine:
The rotary head of the welding torch is driven by a DC geared motor, and its rotary speed can be adjusted steplessly, and the amount of welding overlap can be preset through digital.
The CNC mechanism is single-axis or multi-axis CNC, driven by a stepping motor or an AC servo motor, and the CNC mechanism drives the welding torch to perform profiling motion up and down when the welding torch is used for circular seam welding.
The welding fixture ensures the axial and radial positioning of the workpiece. By adjusting the positioning point of the welding fixture and replacing the centering shaft, automatic welding of different nut workpieces can be realized.
Machine head swing device: It can realize the swing of the machine head, increase the weld width, swing frequency and swing amplitude steplessly adjustable;
The pneumatic lifting mechanism of the welding torch is driven by a cylinder to ensure the repeatability of lifting.
The three-dimensional adjustment mechanism of the welding torch is used for fine-tuning and centering of the initial welding position of the welding torch.
The main control cabinet is controlled by a programmable motion controller. The main control operation box is an independent component, and all action adjustments and welding operations can be completed here.

longterm- Circumferential Body Seam Welding Machine
longterm- Circumferential Body Seam Welding Machine

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