SAW Arc Welding Machine Horizontal Gas Cylinder Welding Machine Air Compressor Tank Circumferential Welding Machine


Production Description

This production line is specially used for LPG cylinder automatic and continuous circumferential welding after assembly of upper shell and lower shell. Provide the users a complete, high efficiency and high quality solution for circumferential welding line to maximumlly improve the competitiveness of enterprises products. It adopts automatic circumferential welding machine, magnetic suction loading arms device, three-station feeding mechanism. This kind of devices can complete the workpiece loading and unloading action automatically to achieve high efficient, safe interlocking, coordination and linkage. Maximumlly improving the working efficiency, reducing labor-assisted operations and labor intensity. Getting rid of the dependence on the operators, while stably improving the quality of cylinder circumferential welding seam.

2000 pcs cylinders/8 Hours
Saw welding
240 pcs/8hrs/set
No. of welding machines
No. of welders
No of welding pass
two paths
Power consumption
saves 40%
Wire consumption
saves 40%
Auto laser & video tracing device
has auto laser & video tracing device

1)Production capacity of this production line: 1000pcs/8hours 2000pcs/8hours
2)One machine working efficieny: 88seconds/cylinder, elaboration:
welding time: 68 seconds + feeding time: 20 seconds.
3)Operator: 6 persons

This line including: 3 sets of circumferential welding machine, 3 sets of vertical assembly & spot welding machine. Completed with one inlet conveyor line and one outlet conveyor line, 3 sets of magnetic loading arms, 3 sets of three-station automatic feeding dece, self discharging roller, pneumatic stop mechanism, pneumatic cutting mechanism, therminal limit stop. It adopts magnetic loading arms to catch workpiece and feed workpiece automatically. It adopts three-station automatic feeding device to collect workpiece, load and unload workpiece, cooperated with self discharge roller to convey the welding finished workpiece on the outlet line, and send out the finished workpiece. Auxiliary machine is controlled by automatic circumferential welding machine.

Do you need automation with conveyor chain?

We can make not only the welding machinery but also the whole production line from beginning to the end. With full automation and robot arms, to ensure the least people in your production line.

Do you want to get perfect welding quality?
Our welding machines are equipped with the laser and video tracking during whole welding progress, you can see the welding progress clearly, so that the welding torch can be tracked in the center of welding area, the tolerance can be controlled within 0.01mm for all directions. Thus the welding quality can be guaranteed.The welding source we use is Panasonic Welding Machine which is specially designed for us.

Although it’s one-pass welding, the welds quality can be guaranteed, we haven’t got any complaint about the welds quality from our clients yet. In China, one cylinder will be selected from each batch randomly to do X-ray testing and the burst testing.I believe these tests will be done in your country as well.


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