LPG cylinder circular welding machine

Automatic LPG Cylinders body welding machine

LPG Cylinder body generally consists of two half cylinder welded around the center. For LPG Cylinders where the height of the cylinder is much more than the diameter of
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Automatic LNG Cylinders welding machine

Payload capacity: 200KG Wall thickness: 2.0-4.0mm Rotation speed: 0.05-0.5rpm Diameter coverage: OD300-OD500mm Speed regulation: AC frequency conversion Suitable for work-piece length: 1500mm Clamping: pneumatic cylinder Support: manual operation support
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Wuxi Longterm Machinery

Automatic water tanks body welding machine

The machine uses horizontal double shafts structure, the main shaft and the bottom shaft is the same, air cylinder drives the feeding, opposite moving clamp is using for clamping
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Automatic double head circumferential welding machine for large LPG cylinders

The machine is used for circumferential welding of upper body part and lower cap, equip with welder vision tracking system, finish the circumferential welding automatically, full automatic and no
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