Automatic LPG Cylinders body welding machine

LPG Cylinder body generally consists of two half cylinder welded around the center. For LPG Cylinders where the height of the cylinder is much more than the diameter of the cylinder one metal sheet rolled to a cylinder shape, welded in the longitudinal, then two lids are welded on the top and on the bottom of the cylinder.

Depending on the LPG Cylinder dimensions, the country where LPG Cylinder will be used and usage area of the LPG cylinder, welding location of the cylinder can change in order to resist to the desired pressure levels.

Body of the LPG Cylinder must be welded as one piece since it is important to maintain consistent welding in the joints. Besides the body welding, Guard Ring and Body Ring contain much more complex welding operations, such as pipe-to-plate and plate-to-body welding. However in pipe-to-plate and plate-to-body welding, there are gaps between the plates and it is necessary to design welding apparatus for just that welding operation. We design welding apparatus for all kind of LPG Cylinder welding operations and for complete LPG Cylinder Welding Line.