Automatic water tanks body welding machine

The machine uses horizontal double shafts structure, the main shaft and the bottom shaft is the same, air cylinder drives the feeding, opposite moving clamp is using for clamping or loosing the workpie. The main shaft drives by the speed reducer motor, adjust speed by the Mitsubishi transducer, the main shaft motor power is 0.75KW. The main shaft and bottom shaft have independent welding mould, the welding torch position can be adjusted along the cylinder axes direction, there has fine tuning in the welding torch, precision fine tuning the welding torch position. The machine head has welder vision tracking system, X/Y shaft two dimension tracking drives the welding torch, X-shaft stepping motor 6N·m, Y-shaft stepping motor 12N·m. The machine head has exhaust pipe used for concentrating and exhaust the smoke. Equip with magnet mechanical arm device, three working position loading/unloading device, loading/unloading conveyor, unloading raceway.