What are the automatic welding equipment?


1. Straight seam automatic welding machine

The straight seam automatic welding machine is also called the longitudinal seam automatic welding machine. It is used for the longitudinal seam welding of the cylinder and the longitudinal seam butt joint of the flat plate. It is a kind of automatic welding machine, which can replace manual work in a large amount low labor cost,  improve the working environment of welding workers.

2. Automatic circumferential welding machine

Automatic girth welding machine is a kind of universal automatic welding equipment that can complete all kinds of circular and circumferential weld welding. Can be used for carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum and their alloys high quality welding of other materials, and argon arc welding (with or without wire), MIG welding, plasma welding and other welding power sources can be selected to form a set of automatic girth welding system.

3. Automatic pipe welding machine

The automatic pipe seaming machine is a machine for automatic pipe seaming, which uses the principle of workpiece rotation and gun head fixation to make the pipe seaming in the best position (flat position

Welding of. The models are divided into compression type automatic welding machine, cantilever type automatic welding machine, split type automatic welding machine, rotary type automatic welding machine, clamp type automatic welding machine, etc. The welding methods are TIGMIG SAW can be equipped with one gun, one gun and three guns as required. Pipeline automatic welding machine is also called pipe welding machine and pipe flash machine in our Qianshan pipeline pipe welding machine, pipe welding machine, pipe automatic welding, pipe automatic welding.


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