Pressure Vessel Straight Welding Machine, Best Price longitudinal Welding Machine for Big cylinder


Product Description

Products form
DLH-Heavy duty
DLH-Middle size
DLH-Light duty
DLH-Small size
Vertical elevation stroke
6000 mm
5000 mm
4000 mm
3000 mm
2000 mm
1000 mm
Boom retracting stroke
7000 mm
6000 mm
5000 mm
4000 mm
2000 mm
1000 mm
Frame rotation angle
± 180°
± 360°
Frame rotation speed
0.3 rpm
Boom elevation speed
1 m/min
0.3 m/min
Boom feeding speed
0.12-1.2 m/min
Trolley feeding speed
3 m/min
Trolley rail span
2000 mm
1800 mm
1000 mm
800 mm
Welding manipulator:
Automatic welding manipulator: CE, ISO
1. Working with turning rolls and weld.
2. Kinds: Three styles: Fixed style, fixed style with rotative, moved style with rotative.
3. Advantage: Mechanical precision is higher, positioning is correct
4. Also can design and make according to your requirement.
5. Also can provide Seam Tracking and Monitoring Device, Weld Flux Recovery and Transfer Device according your requirement.

Our Product

1. With 1000-6000mm effective lifting stroke and retracting stroke.
2. Boom end capacity up to 300kg. With 100x100mm cross slides.
3. Automatic welding for tank/pipe/vessel straight seam and circle seam.
4. Seam tracker and Monitor to make sure the welding result better.
5. Flux recovery machine is also can be optional.
6. Voltage 220V 380V 480V 600V 50/60Hz are all can be customized
7. Remote hand control box is also standard configuration
8. Working with welding rotator and welding positioner etc
9. Welding source can be Tig/Mig/Saw welding,even plasma welding source
10. Outside seam welding,inside seam welding and circle seam welding.
Lifting speed
120-1200 mm/min
Retracting speed
1000 mm/min
Column Rotation
180 degrees with manual or motorized
1.DC-1000 welding source
2.Welding seam tracker
3.Flux recovery machine
4.Video monitoring system
We’ve been working firmly with many government’s projects to privide the professional welding stations.
We can customize the welding station according to clients’ demands and privide the most suitable solutions.
We can also provide the station set up and install instructions.
Our team has focused on supplying the professional service for more than 25 years.


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