Automatic Orbital Welding Machine for Oil&gas Pipeline Project

Welding Speed: 500-1000mm/Min

Wire Diameter: 0.8~1.0mm

Walking Speed: 0-900mm/S


Automatic Orbital Welding Machine for Pipeline

1. Description

The pipeline automatic welding system adopts embedded computer technology, and the parameter control is completed by the software control system, which realizes the precise control of welding voltage, welding current, walking speed, wire feeding speed, shielding gas control, and other parameters. A remote control system based on mobile Internet has been established, which can realize remote welding parameter monitoring and equipment fault diagnosis.

longterm orbital welding machine

2. Output

We have 3 automated production lines, with an annual production capacity of more than 10,000 welding machines, more than 100 automatic internal welding machines with double gun sets, and more than 1,000 single gun automatic welding machines. It has all kinds of testing equipment such as three coordinates, and has environmental laboratories, research and development laboratories, and welding process rooms.

longterm orbital welding machine longterm orbital welding machine

Pipeline automatic welding (all positions upward welding):

longterm orbital welding machine

Automatic pipe welding (all-position downward welding):

longterm orbital welding machine

Inner ring seam welding of large pipe:

longterm orbital welding machine

In order to recommend you the proper machine, we’d like to get the below info from you:
– What’s the pipe size you want to produce?
– It’s better to provide the pipe drawing and welding requirements,
– What’s the daily capacity you want to attain?


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